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Call For Art! March “Ernest Goes To Pitch Black”

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Pitch Black Printing Co.

Hey Vern!

We would love to pay tribute to the fair too short and fun-filled life of Jim Varney with “Ernest Goes to Pitch Black: A Tribute to Jim Varney”

Jim Varney is best known for his Ernest P. Worrell character: a boufoonish redneck who ultimately redeems himself in the end, his raspy voice and amazing grin. 

We invite artists to express their admiration by crafting unique portraits of Jim Varney or bringing Ernest P. Worrell to new and imaginative settings – send Ernest on adventures he has never experienced before, or reimagine characters that resonated with you while growing up.

This tribute is a celebration of artistic expression inspired by the whimsical world Jim Varney brought to life.

Let’s honor Jim Varney’s legacy and share the joy he brought to audiences through your artistic vision.

Deadline for Submission: March 1st

Deadline to drop off pieces: March 13th. 

Opening reception: March 16th, at 6pm


To apply for this job please visit