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Is it “real art” or is it sort of “ready-made”?

CITY OF LAS VEGAS |  Gallery Program
Call for Artists – Southwest Artists: The Influence of Sculpting Using Found Objects 

The City of Las Vegas Gallery Program believes that public art creates engaging public spaces that unite people and build a sense of community. The Gallery Program invites artists to participate in the Southwest Artists: The Influence of Sculpting Using Found Objects Exhibition. 

The Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, Galleries Program invites artists to participate in the Southwest Artists: The Influence of Sculpting Using Found Objects Exhibition.


As artists are concerned, we have all gone shopping once or twice in thrift, or used item stores. Oftentimes, we even shop in antique stores. You ever bring home a frame for instance, and say you have a great idea for art that will go with the frame or, you make artwork around the specific frame. Well, some artists do the same thing with objects. Sometimes they re-configure an original object, and sometimes they combine it with another object, either way, something is added or taken away to change the original context of the found object.

This exhibit seeks to include artists from the southwest region whose focus is on creating art made with found objects. These found object artworks should focus on 3-dimensional altered items and/or be combined with additional objects to become fine art.

Is it “real art” or is it sort of “ready-made”? Is it one object or many? Where will your artwork fall in the history of the found object in art? Using creative ingenuity, artists are asked to combine and/or reconfigure found objects into new forms of visual and sculptural fine art.


To feature visual fine art made from found objects. To give the history and context of these types of sculptural items. As well as, to show the types of creative thinking that goes into this type of artwork.

The content of the artwork must be appropriate for public audiences of all ages. Exhibitions containing graphic depictions of violence, sexually explicit imagery, and/or nudity are highly discouraged.


Artists at least 18 years of age or older, living in the southwestern regions of the U.S. are eligible to apply. For this exhibit, that includes Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah.


If there are separate parts or pieces to the artwork, each separate piece must attach to adjacent pieces or parts, in a way that makes them safe to the public, as well as easily movable to set up the exhibit. This means that stability, finish/completion, and connection are necessary. No artwork with glass or mirrored parts is insured if shipped. If shipping to Nevada, weight should not exceed 60 lbs. Artists are asked to pay for shipping one way, and the city of Las Vegas Galleries Program will cover the return shipping cost.

Artwork should be no larger than 18” H x 15” W x 15” D.


The artwork selection will be chosen by New Mexico-based artist, Geoffrey Gorman. You can learn more about him here at


Las Vegas City Hall, Grand Gallery, 495 S. Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

To apply for this job please visit