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“Valiant and Vile” – a Group Art Show hosted by Pitch Black Printing and Coffee & Comics

  • Gather your mightiest weapons of artistic creation! We go… to BATTLE. We call upon all artists of the Reno-verse! Capture, in your style, the daringly valiant Heroes alongside their dastardly vile Villains!
  • We will not tip the scales of justice toward the side of good or the side of evil. TWO pieces must be offered up to complete this query. One villain for every hero!  Artists are to submit two pieces at once or partner with a fellow artist to fulfill this quest. The exhibition of all submissions will be twofold. Heroes will start at The Fortress of Coffee & Comics while the Villians wait, ready to pounce, at The Pitch Black Sanctum of Printing. On June 24th they will be pitted against each other! We await your response. This message will self-destruct in 10…9…8…
  • We’re looking forward to each hero/villain pairing, whether you submit both yourself or team up with another artist. The hero half of the show will be on display at Coffee & Comics for a week beginning June 17th, and then the hero art pieces will move over to join the villains at Pitch Black Printing Co. for a joint reception on June 24th.

To apply for this job please visit