Still Here Now

Still Here Now features the works of a selection of 2010-2014 recipients of the Nevada Arts Council’s Artist Fellowship program. The pieces in this show often reference or portray landscape and place, but their stories do not reside there. Beyond the depiction of land and nature, the presence of people is paramount. Bodies, psyches, and emotional connections inhabit the forefront of examination for the artists. The experience of landscape is only as important as our own fixed experience in space; these nine artists reflect on notions of rootedness, permanence, anxiety, and survival in their work.

The selected works reflect the deep breadth of artistic expertise supported by the Nevada Arts Council’s fellowship grants. Hands, bodies, and faces permeate the pieces in this show, never entirely abstracted, yet never completely revealed. Each artist demonstrates a commitment to the investigation of a given medium, be it textile, paint, wood, or found objects, as their work presents a perspective on the psyche and anxiety of being human. Still Here Now provokes thought on art, our bodies, and the environment, and our uneasy place within this paradigm.

This exhibition highlights the distinctive practice of each artist while reflecting on a larger theme of an embodied presence in a place. How does one navigate and survive in the wilderness? How are we to thrive in an ominous time with an unpredictable and changing climate? How do we assert ourselves? How is our presence relational to the night sky? These are the deliberations of Still Here Now. Each artist presents work with a unique point of view, offering a compelling narrative about the unsettled feeling and contemporary anxiety of residing in an environment we don’t entirely grasp.

Exhibition artists include: Linda Alterwitz, Photography, Las Vegas; Chris Bauder, Sculpture, Las Vegas; Ahren Hertel, Painting, Reno; Darren Johnson, Painting, Las Vegas; Orlando Javier Montenegro-Cruz, Painting Las Vegas; Elaine Parks, Sculpture, Tuscarora/Los Angeles; Robin Stark, Ceramics, Las Vegas; and Brent Sommerhauser, Sculpture, Las Vegas.

Stephanie Gibson
For the Nevada Arts Council

16 pieces of art
2 pedestals
1 IPAD with video
Introduction panel & wall tags
Gallery notes

$150 per 8-week period

Approximately 60 linear feet

August 19, 2019, to July 16, 2021

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