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The Nevada Arts Council is partnering with Americans for the Arts in their nationwide study of the arts and culture sector via the Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 (AEP6) study. The Nevada Arts Council is the official statewide partner of the AEP6 study with the Americans for the Arts. Three municipalities have bought into the AEP6 contracted study to get specific reports for their region including the City of Reno, the City of Las Vegas, and Clark County. AEP6 data collection will take place from Summer 2022 to May 2023 via audience-interpret surveys at local arts and culture events across the state to better understand the economic impact of the nonprofit arts and culture industry. The Nevada Arts Council is also gathering a comprehensive list of arts and culture organizations across the state for this data collection project who will be surveyed by AFTA in January 2023.  The Nevada Arts Council acknowledges the importance of the AEP6 data collection and report in better understanding how arts and culture nonprofits drive our economy by creating jobs, generating commerce, and increasing tourism.

Change the Conversation About the Arts – The Arts Mean Business 

Inspiration and joy can be sparked by the arts. They also make our communities beautiful places to live and work. From coast to coast and from our smallest rural towns to our largest urban cities, America’s 100,000+ nonprofit arts and culture organizations make their communities more desirable places to live and work every day of the year. But the arts can do so much more.  

Nonprofit arts and culture organizations are also businesses and are critical to our economic recovery. In 2017, the nonprofit arts industry generated $166.3 billion in economic activity, supporting 4.6 million jobs, and generating $27.5 billion in government revenue. While the arts have the potential to impact many aspects of a community, the truth is they also have power all on their own.   

The arts are an open invitation to engage in our history, our heritage, our politics, and the way we learn—in short, the arts are part of our daily lives, and play a role in all aspects of the human experience. Economic impact studies like AEP6 will expand the conversation about how many people view the arts. 

What do we mean by “change the conversation?” While most appreciate the cultural benefit provided to our community, few realize that our local arts industry supports jobs, generates government revenue, and is a cornerstone of tourism. This misconception puts arts and culture in jeopardy. Let’s change that misconception. Let’s guide the conversation and show them that the arts mean business. 

National findings from AEP5, 2015.
The Arts Create Healthy Communities

Across the nation and in Nevada, access to the arts is continuously in jeopardy. There is a widespread misconception that arts and culture are frivolous pursuits. However, this ignores that arts and culture have a large impact on the economic vitality of the state. Furthermore, arts and cultural activities serve our most at-risk populations such as youth, elders, veterans, minority groups, and many more. The arts serve through programming that develops innovative and creative problem solving, ensures mental well-being, and strengthens community ties. Art and culture activities help us navigate hard discussions, experiences, and realities through discoveries that bring us together through shared experiences, enjoyment, entertainment, history, and more. Art is central to our livelihoods, the human experience, and the welfare of all Nevadans.

February 1, 2020 – Elko, Nevada, Sophie Barr Deutschmann, 7, center and Coco Luciano, 7, right, both from Reno, dressed as twins for the Family Square Dance workshop at the Basque Clubhouse on Saturday at the 36th Annual National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. (Jessica Brandi Lifland//for the Western Folklife Center)
Art is Essential

In post-pandemic Nevada, it is vital to understand the economic impact of arts and culture organizations. During the pandemic, Arts and culture organizations were the first to shut down and the last to open their doors. Despite these unfavorable conditions, including loss of income and closing of established businesses, online and hybrid arts and cultural programming were instrumental in the social and emotional welfare of our citizens, especially as outlets to communities and spaces for expressing pandemic emotions, isolation, and stress. During the pandemic, it was clear that ART IS ESSENTIAL. Now, art organizations are experiencing record participation numbers and generating more money in the recovery of their businesses and our economy from the stalemate of the pandemic.  While many realize that art is essential to our emotional and social welfare only some recognize that our local arts industry supports jobs, generates government revenue, and is a foundational source of tourism in Nevada.

National findings from AEP5, 2015.
Arts Drive Tourism. National findings from AEP5, 2015.
Fight For the Arts in Nevada – Participate in AEP6

AEP6 will help shed light on the economic impact of arts and culture to lawmakers and voters. The report that will be generated with this data will be used to further arts advocacy efforts and present the facts to community stakeholders that arts mean business. Assist us, and our nation, in our collective effort to show that arts and culture organizations and programming strengthen our economy, build up our communities, unite our people, and improve recovery from hardships.

How can you assist? By participating in data gathering and surveys in your community!

AEP6 is crucial in continuing the fight for arts and culture education in schools, social programming to unite us as community members, ensuring well-being, and driving economic prosperity throughout Nevada.

How to Participate in AEP6

Organizations, Municipalities, and Event Coordinators – Become a survey site partner.

What we need from you. A commitment survey one or more of your arts and cultural events.

What you will receive from us.

Surveying Phase (Now – May 2023) A local site partner tool kit including paper survey forms & posters with QR codes linking participants to the survey (toolkit may be different if located in Reno, Las Vegas, or Clark Co.) .

Report Phase (Sept. – Dec. 2023) Updated information about the Statewide AEP6 Findings.

Final Phase (June 2024) Statewide Arts and Culture Economic Impact Fact Sheet and Supplementary materials to distribute.  

Please reach out to our Community Arts Development staff to sign up as a Local AEP6 Study Partner or complete this online form.

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