Strategic Planning Assessment Program

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Strategic Planning Assessments For Organizations

The Community Arts Development Program area supports cultural organizations, statewide partnerships, and provides resources to creative communities across Nevada. The Nevada Arts Council is committed to elevating the cultural landscape of Nevada by introducing strategic organizational assessments, designed to support the specific needs of cultural organizations.  

The CAD Strategic Planning Assessments is a free service designed based on the needs of the organization. These assessments may involve an evaluation of organizational governance structure, risk management, and other operational systems. It may also include technical assistance, program support, and resources to enhance skills, knowledge, and overall infrastructure of the organization and its personnel. The Community Arts Development team will recommend and support organizations towards applying for grant opportunities as available and relevant.  


The strategic assessments will be available (one per organization) in five areas: (1) organizational, (2) program, (3) venue, (4) community in focus, (5) cultural training.  

Organizational: This assessment is designed to help nonprofit organizations improve their internal administrative support. The Community Arts Development team will provide technical assistance in areas such as board development, crisis management, nonprofit management, budgets, policy reviews and strategic planning 

Programming: This assessment focuses on evaluating the value and benefits of community programming. The Community Arts Development team will review organizational activities, assess community impact, and offer recommendations for programming improvement. The CAD staff will work to create an efficient timeline for and offer next steps in moving programmatic activities forward.  

Venue: This assessment is designed to help improve the audience experience at a performance venue. The CAD staff will provide personalized facility walk-throughs, as well as inclusive ADA compliance resources, recommendations and overall organizational best practices.  

Community in Focus: This assessment is focused on evaluating the cultural and equitable offerings of your community. Staff will provide a brief demographic assessment of your community, including distinct cultural assets to identify gaps in your programming, help improve the focus of mission driven statements and strengthen narratives for supporters, funders, and grant applications.    

Cultural Training: This assessment includes an overview of how bias is developed, reinforced and practiced through cultural traditions, personal upbringing and professional experiences. Community Arts Development staff will lead organizational personnel through a series of team building activities to create a shared understanding of the complex aspects of implicit bias 

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