Create a Character Silly, Sad, Happy or Mad

with Suzanne Morgan Williams

Lesson Plan:

Creating a Character with Suzanne Morgan Williams


Make a Character Worksheet

Grades: 6-12

Students will discover the basics of cursive handwriting (the foundation of calligraphy) by exploring basic lettering tools to conceive and compose a work of calligraphic verse of their choosing.

Materials: 9” x 12” self-healing cutting mat, graph paper (letter size or smaller), bleed proof smooth surface paper (letter size or smaller), soft lead art pencil (NB or softer), kneaded eraser, Pilot Parallel ink pen ( nib sizes 2.4mm or 3.8 mm), see thru ruler, lettering pens such as black Pigma Micron Pens (fine and medium point), watercolor paints (any kind) Written verses of your choosing, such as quotations from books, poems, or songs. This will be used in composing your finished piece.