Reflecting the Real You

With Suzanne Morgan Williams

Lesson Plan:

Reflecting the Real Your with Suzanne Morgan Williams

Worksheet 1:

Reflecting the Real You Worksheets

Worksheet 2:

The Real You Extensions

Worksheet 3:


Grades: 4-8

No one knows you like you know yourself. In this lesson you will think about adjectives that describe you, imagine metaphors and strong verbs that denote those traits, then create a structured poem about YOU. Using those ideas and symbols common to cattle brands, you’ll then create a personal “brand” and use it in a simple art project.

Materials: Paper and pencil/pen for notes or a computer, the Structured Poemand Brands worksheets, collage materials (your choice), sturdy paper for the collage, glue, markers, crayons, or pastels etc. for completing the art piece