FY25 Artist fellowship Questions & Support

The questions below are for informational purposes only. All applications must be submitted online. For additional support, including a guide to submitting applications online, please visit the Resources for Grant Applicants webpage on the Nevada Arts Council website. 

How to Apply

  1. Review the FY25 Artist Fellowship Award Guidelines and FY25 Grant Policies
  2. Complete the application online using the Nevada Arts Council application portal, Submittable

Applicant Information

  1. Applicant Legal Name (middle name may be omitted)
  2. Preferred Name (Artist/Chosen/Stage/Group)
  3. Applicant Physical Address
  4. Is your mailing address different from your physical address?
    1. Applicant Alternate Address
  5. Applicant Phone Number
  6. Alternate Phone Number (optional)
  7. Applicant Discipline
    1. Applicant Sub-Discipline: Visual Arts
  8. Fellowship Category (select one category below):
    1. Two-Dimensional Works Category such as drawing, mixed media, painting, photography, printmaking, or static digital works.
    2. Three-Dimensional Works and New Genres Category such as craft-based practice, sculpture, installation, performance art, or time-based digital media. (Narrative and documentary filmmakers are ineligible.)


  1. I confirm that I am a U.S. citizen or have legal permanent resident status
  2. I confirm that I am not enrolled as degree-seeking student
  3. Upload: Proof of 21+ Years of Age
    • 21+ years of age is required to be eligible for Nevada Arts Council grants. 
    • Expired items will not be considered as valid proof of age.
    • Acceptable documents showing proof of age: 
      • State of Nevada Driver’s License
      • State of Nevada Identification Card
      • United States Passport
  4. Upload: Proof of 12+ Months of Nevada Residency
    • Current Nevada residency, of at least 12 consecutive months prior to the date of this grant application, is required to be eligible for Nevada Arts Council grants.
    • Expired, lapsed or overdue items will not be considered as valid proof of residency.
    • Acceptable documents showing proof of residency:
      • State of Nevada driver’s license or Identification Card issued at least 1 year prior to application date (before uploading, please check the “Issue” date on your State of Nevada driver’s license/ID card, if the date is less than one year ago, this cannot be used as proof of residency)
      • Other official document such as a utility bill, pay stub, vehicle insurance, or residential lease originally signed and dated between 12 and 18 months ago, not expired/lapsed, with your name and physical residential Nevada address listed as the intended recipient

Applicant Statements & Work Samples

Review Criteria 

  • Clear demonstration of the artist’s intent and process (10 points)
  • Consistency in the exceptional caliber of the work (10 points)
  • Evidence of artistic impact or contribution such as influence within a specific community or genre of art (10 pts)
  1. I understand that my name, or any other identifying information, may not appear in the below Applicant Statements & Work Samples section questions
  2. Artist Statement: Provide a statement that helps the panelists understand your artistic intent, process, and how it informs your entire body of work. An artist statement should center around explaining and describing one’s body of work instead of sharing information about the artist (250 words). For more guidance, please see the How to Write an Artists Statement with Clara Lieu of ArtProf tutorial on YouTube.
  3. Work Description: Provide a description of the Artistic Work Samples you will provide in Question 4 (see below) to give the panelists a better understanding of your artistic intent and process (500 words, Optional)
  4. Artistic Work Sample Uploads: Please see Page 3 for Artistic Work Samples guidelines, restrictions, and resources.

Artistic Work Samples 


You must submit a minimum of 5 and no more than 10 artistic work samples as uploads using the following guidance:

  • Panelists will review applications and work samples online. Applicants should submit the highest quality samples for review
  • Samples may be images, audio, and/or video files
  • Each individual sample should be a separate file, with the exception of an installation view
  • All audio and video samples (including uploads and links) may be 10 minutes total combined
  • All samples must have been produced within the last 10 years
  • At least 2 samples must have been produced in the last 2 years
  • Each sample must include the following information in the metadata: Title of Work, Date Completed, Medium Used, and Dimensions of Artwork


  • Do not include multiple artistic work samples in one file (e.g. collages, montages, etc.) or combine several angles or multiple pieces within one image, with the exception of installation views
  • Samples should not include work produced during a degree-seeking period
  • Do not submit reviews, brochures, publicity materials, marketing, promotion, public evaluation, letters of agreement/contracts, or other extraneous matter
  • Do not include any identifying information in your samples with the following exceptions:
    • If you have signed your artwork (such as a very small signature in the corner of a painting), it is typically much too small for panelists to clearly read; however, if it is large or readable, you should blur out the signature portion of your digital image prior to uploading it as a work sample.
    • If you are unsure if there is identifying information in your Artistic Work Samples, please reach out to Nevada Arts Council staff prior to submitting your application. If your name, or any other identifying information, appears in any Artistic Work Samples, your application may be disqualified.