Publicity Photos & Logos

If a photograph is used with publicity, credit each image. To download the images of the exhibit artwork, click on the title: 

Media Contacts
If the press has specific questions about the curation of the exhibit, have them contact the following:

  • Stephanie Gibson, Curator of NTI-Still Here Now, 784.6587 or email
  • Stephen Reid, Artist Services Specialist and Installer, Nevada Arts Council: 775-687-7108 or email

Exhibit Sponsors must acknowledge the National Endowment for the Arts and the Nevada Arts Council in all publicity materials and media announcements, both audio and visual, regarding the exhibit. Logos are to be used along with the following credit line:

  • Still Here Now is part of the Nevada Touring Initiative–Traveling Exhibition Program. It was funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts and the State of Nevada. The Nevada Arts Council is a division of the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs.

Nevada Arts Council & NEA Logos

NTI Resources

NTI-Home Page – general program information
NTI-Exhibits – a list of current exhibits
NTI Schedule – dates of scheduled & available exhibits
NTI Final Report – after exhibition submit to NAC


Contact: Stephen Reid, Artist Services Specialist/Art Installer at 775.687.7108 or email