Strategic Planning Assessment Task Force Application

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The Nevada Arts Council, Community Arts Development Program, is seeking qualified individuals to sit on a paid professional task force to help develop five different strategic assessment areas for organizations.  

Apply by: February 23, 2024 at 5:00pm PST.


The Community Arts Development staff is refining their organizational outreach program area to provide targeted assessments for venues, programs, and communities.  

The Community Arts Development Program`s mission is to support Nevada’s nonprofit arts and culture organizations, public institutions, and government entities with programs and services aimed to elevate arts and cultural infrastructure and organizational capacity.  

The goals of the Community Arts Development program is to: 

  • Expand the skill set of Nevada’s creative community. 
  • Cultivate organizational capacity. 
  • Facilitate professional networking and relationship building within and between communities. 
  • Increase access to the arts. 


The strategic assessments will be available in five areas: (1) organizational, (2) programming, (3) venue, (4) community in focus, (5) cultural training.  

The structure of each strategic assessment will begin with an application by an organization or program with pre-assessment information. If the application is accepted, measured internally based on available funding, time, and organization need, then the Community Arts Development staff will perform a site visit or online meeting utilizing a strategic assessment checklist to work directly with organization leaders and /or workforce on the specific assessment chosen. Finally, the Community Arts Development staff will produce a final report and host a discussion meeting of the results and potential implementations of the assessment.  

The purposed one-year project has three phases: 

Phase I: Community Arts Development develop initial structure and goals of the program`s 5 key strategic assessment areas. 

Phase II: Task Force to begin to create, refine, and collaborate on best practices for the five assessment areas by attending regular meetings and working on collaborative and independent objectives. The results of this phase will be to create protocol for each strategic assessment area and review program guides, objectives, and resources.  

Phase III:  Community Arts Development staff implement the strategic assessments with Nevada arts & cultural organizations.  


Selected task force member will be responsible for attending a one-hour monthly meeting and performing approximately four hours of research and editing independently or in collaboration with the team per month. The research and editing portions of the role should not exceed a maximum of 15 hours per quarter. In the role, the task force member is expected to provide their expertise and work with the Community Arts Development staff to collaborate on contemporary best practices in the five program areas, develop and review comprehensive assessment checklists, final report criteria, and resources for program participants for each assessment area.

Selected task force members will receive $495 quarterly as an honorarium. The total honorarium will not exceed $1,980 in a fiscal year. Should the task force member not be able to perform the above duties within any given quarter they will be liable to be dismissed from the task force.


The ideal candidate for the task force will have expert knowledge in at least one of the five program areas detailed above. A candidate does not have to have expert knowledge in all the areas. Both formal education and practical experience will be considered in the application.  

Application Requirements: 

  1. Resume or CV 
  1. Letter of Intent or Cover Letter 
  1. Completed Application

Strategic Planning Assessment Task Force

The Nevada Arts Council, Community Arts Development Program, is seeking qualified individuals to sit on a paid professional task force to help develop five different strategic assessment areas for organizations.

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