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…like he’s an old family friend. He represents our school spirit, the sense of being part of a community, the idea of the Wolf Pack. Our “pack” is the community of students at the University of Nevada-Reno, led by the mascots—middle-child Wolfie Jr., brother Alphie, and sister Luna.

My first time in the suit was during a televised game against San Diego State. I became Wolfie that day. I slid on the pant legs one at a time and stuck the tail through the little hole. Before I put the head on, I looked at it in the mirror. Then I put it on, and it was like Power Rangers when the helmet comes on—and it was Wolfie time.

Wolfie Jr. has this goofy, energetic, childish energy. He’s a little rascal. He can act ferocious when he needs to, but it’s mostly about pure joy. I think that’s what people love the most about Wolfie.

For the Law of the Jungle chant I’ll act along. “This is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky”— I act like I’m writing, bend over like my back hurts, point at the sky…if you know it by heart and keep the beat, you can hit it every single time.

Alex Daw, University of Nevada-Reno