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…at weddings too, and all kinds of events, but lots of memorial services out at the Veterans Cemetery in Boulder City. You might think that playing for a funeral would be a sad job, but it’s not, not to me. Bittersweet, yes, but it’s satisfying and rewarding to participate in honoring a person, to contribute to something that’s so important for the family to say goodbye. The pipes mark that experience for people in a very emotional and significant way.

When I moved to Nevada I got connected to an organization that taught the local pipe band. I learned the tradition of how bagpipes are used in military funerals and for people in public service like police and firefighters.  I learned the songs that are traditionally played and the protocols—what to do and when, and what it all means.

I play with the Las Vegas Pipe Band. We wear the official Nevada State tartan. All the stripes and the colors mean something related to the state. I play the pipes and the drums too, when needed, and you can also find me playing drums in a rock and roll band around town, from time to time.

Andrew Fusco, Las Vegas Pipe Band, Las Vegas

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