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The FY20 Artist Fellowship Grant of $5,000 is open to Folk/Traditional Arts and Contemporary Visual Arts artists. The deadline is April 18, 2019.

FOLK/TRADITIONAL ARTS CATEGORIES include crafts, dance, music, oral traditions, and visual arts–are those that are learned as part of the cultural life of a community whose members share a common ethnic heritage, cultural mores, language, religion, occupation, or geographic region. These traditions are shaped by the aesthetics and values of a shared culture and are passed from generation to generation, most often within family and community through observation, conversation, and practice.

CONTEMPORARY VISUAL ARTS: encompasses six subcategories

  1. CERAMICS/SCULPTURE: This category includes three-dimensional contemporary art made by one of four basic processes: carving, modeling, casting, and constructing.
  2. DRAWING/MIXED MEDIA: This category includes original work created using the techniques, materials, media, and methods of drawing/mixed media assemblages and collages.
  3. PAINTING/PRINTMAKING: This category includes original work that involves painting of any kind upon any surface. It also includes work that involves the printmaking process including engravings, etchings, lithographs, prints, serigraphs, and woodcuts.
  4. PHOTOGRAPHY: This category accepts original work in traditional and experimental photography. It includes work where photography and photographic technique is central, including digital or software manipulation of photographs.
  5. INSTALLATION/PERFORMANCE ART: This category supports artists who produce original conceptual and experimental driven work in a variety of materials including installation and performance.
  6. MEDIA ARTS: This category includes works of time based media such as digital art, film and video. Digital art includes computer-based artwork in which the computer is central to creation, presentation, or understanding of the work. Film and video work includes documentary, experimental, and animated. This does not include works primarily having a corporate, industrial, or educational audience.

Click Here to Download a PDF of FY20 Artist Fellowship Guidelines