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…It’s a unique traditional art form that expresses our identity as people of Mexican heritage… something we do that comes from the heart. It makes me happy to see my daughter, following in my footsteps, learning to understand and appreciate what it means to be an escaramuza.

It’s more than just the elegant attire that we wear when performing on horseback. To be an escaramuza is to be an artist. It requires study, practice, passion, teamwork, and discipline. I am proud to represent the escaramuza tradition here in Nevada.

Las Escaramuzas Perlas de Nevada was founded in 2015. Over time we acquired our horses, saddles, dresses, and other necessary accoutrements. Now we perform for local events and ride in the Nevada Day parade. It is important to us to share our Mexican customs and traditions with the community and especially with our young people.

Carolina Vargas, Las Escaramuzas Perlas de Nevada, Silver Springs

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