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Nevada arts organizations can submit applications for Nevada Arts Council grants for fiscal year 2019. These annual awards include: Arts Learning Project Grants, Partners in Excellence Grants, and Project Grants.

Grant applications and award nominations for NAC grants must be submitted through “GO Smart™” the new online grants system.  This new system requires all applicants to begin the process by setting up a profile.

The Arts Learning Project Grant is a project-based grant designed to support imaginative arts education/learning activities and long-term artist residencies that establish, expand and/or enhance lifelong arts learning and increase cultural awareness. A demonstrated planning process and an ongoing evaluation process by teachers, administrators, staff, artists and the community are considered integral parts of a successful arts education/learning project. Read more

Partners in Excellence Grants strengthen Nevada’s arts infrastructure by supporting general operations of cultural organizations and institutions throughout the state. Read more

Project Grants support arts and cultural activities of non-arts organizations and public institutions that are integral to the applicant’s overall mission and goals, and achieved through community partnerships. In addition, individuals can submit nominations for the Nevada Heritage Award as well.

Nevada Heritage Awards, presented annually by the Folklife Program of the Nevada Arts Council, recognize and celebrate living cultural treasures: individuals who embody the highest level of artistic achievement and the highest level of service. Their accomplishments assure that folk and traditional arts will continue to be known, valued, and practiced in their families and communities. These awards recognize lifelong commitments to mastering, teaching and sharing traditional culture. Read more

Detailed information regarding all Nevada Arts Council grants and FY19 guidelines can be found by clicking on the “Grants” tab above. For more information, contact the Grants Management Team at email  or (775) 687-7102.