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Nevada Arts Council announces changes to grants program

CARSON CITY, Nevada – The Nevada Arts Council has revised its grants programs – new grants were added and other grant programs were updated to better serve Nevada artists, organizations and public institutions.

“These changes reflect thoughtful work on behalf of the Nevada Arts Council staff and the NAC Grant Committee,” said Tony Manfredi, executive director of the Nevada Arts Council. “It represents the current mission and goals of the NAC and the National Endowment for the Arts guidance of promoting artistic excellence and artistic merit. I’m so thankful and grateful to all those from around Nevada who offered their thoughts and ideas to this work.”

Following are highlights of grant changes. The complete list of new guidelines and details on each specific grant are available on the Nevada Arts Council website:

  • The Community Impact Grant is a new two-year grant for government agencies and public institutions which funds collaborative projects that address a demonstrated community challenge or need through an arts-based approach. The potential recipients must form a partnership project team that includes at least one formal organizational project partner in addition to the applicant.
  • Operating Support Grant (formerly Partners in Excellent [PIE] Grant): This grant is for organizational operating expenses only (not for specific projects). It is open to nonprofit arts organizations with budgets over $30,000. (Former PIE grant recipients with budgets under $30,000 can now apply for the Project Grant for Organizations). The Arts Learning Component was removed and all applicants can now apply for the Arts Learning Project yearly in addition to their two-year Operating Support Grant.
  • Project Grant for Organizations: This grant is open to both arts and non-arts organizations. The grant amount has been changed to $5,000 to more closely match historically available funding and align with other NAC Project grants.
  • Arts Learning Project Grant: This grant is targeted to PreK-12 grade activities only and the grant amount has been changed to $5,000 to more closely match historical funding.
  • Project Grant for Artists (formerly Jackpot Grant): This grant will now be awarded twice a year rather than quarterly to allow artists more time to plan and complete their project. The grant amount has changed to $1,500 from $1,000, is open to individuals only (not organizations).
  • Artist Fellowship Grant: Now includes Folk & Traditional Arts Fellowships (which replaces the Nevada Heritage Award). Traditional Arts Fellowship applications are reviewed separately and do not compete with Contemporary Arts Fellowship applications.
  • Fellowship Project Grant: This grant has been changed to a 2-year grant with applications accepted in even fiscal years. (This is to give artists more time to complete their project and to create a larger pool of eligible applicants who have received 2 or more Artist Fellowship Grants).
  • Arts Learning Express Grant (formerly Artist Residency Express Grant): The grant amount has changed to $1,500 maximum. Applicants may receive a maximum of two Arts Learning Express Grants per year.
  • Folklife Artist Grant and Folklife Community Grant (formerly the Living Traditions Grant): The Folklife Artist Grant is open only to individuals. The Folklife Community Grant is open only to nonprofit organizations with budgets under $30,000.
  • Professional Development Grant: The amount for this grant has been changed to $500 for all types of events. It is open only to individuals and the purpose of the grant cannot include travel outside the U.S., Canada or Mexico.
  • The Nevada Circuit Rider Grant has been discontinued. The Circuit Rider Roster is still available as a resource for organizations.