Fellowship Project Grant

The Fellowship Project grants were established in 2016 to support individual artists from all disciplines who have received the maximum allowed number of the NAC Artist Fellowships (two and more.) As part of the grant’s final report requirements, grantees create an article or video to be featured on NAC website.

FY16 Fellowship Project: Reno artist Joseph DeLappe created “Drone Strike(s)” a large-scale installation intended to map the history of ongoing US drone strikes in Pakistan.

FY17 Fellowship Project: Las Vegas artist Stephan Caplan created a series of video six performances to introduce the wide emotional range of recent American music for the oboe.

Watch: Summer Suite by David Ward-Steinman

Watch: Two Trifles and a Wedding Present by Philip Orem

Watch: Quintet for Oboe and Strings by Daron Hagen

Watch: Shoreline for oboe, viola and harp by Cynthia Wong

Watch: Aria Hebraique by Leon Stein

Watch: Koke No Niwa for English horn, harp and percussion by Alan Hovhaness

FY19 Fellowship Project: Las Vegas jazz musician and composer, Eugene Shapiro created a recording of his original jazz compositions, followed by a concert at The Smith Center in Las Vegas.