Public Initiatives

The Public Initiative Program to promote awareness of Agency, cultural tourism impact, and education through its grant and program work.The program conducts projects that strengthens Nevada’s creative and cultural infrastructure and industries such as print and digital marketing, website, social media, and public relations.


Artist and Organization Spotlights

Artist and Organization Spotlights highlights grantees in recent and upcoming work, offers insight into their practices, and promotes awareness.

Artist Spotlight with Project Grant for Artists Grantee, Hue and their project “The Cloud House.”
Artist Spotlight with Project Grant for Artists Grantee, Joana Drakos

Website Updates

The Public Initiatives Program provides updates to the Nevada Arts Council website by developing dashboards, updates, and maintainence. Such as, the creation of our Opportunities, Teaching Artists Studios, and the Nevadan to Nevadan Poetry Project Gallery.

Stay up to date with the program and agency updates via: