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Public Safety Center – Entry Vestibules – Public Art Project

  • Call for Qualifications
  • Reno
  • 30000 USD / Year

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Construction is currently underway for the new City of Reno Public Safety Center, which will soon serve as the headquarters for the Reno Police Department (RPD). The City of Reno is accepting qualifications from artists/artist teams for an interior public art installation located inside the building’s public entrance. Part of this project includes a community engagement component. Selected artist(s) will be expected to work with City staff to conduct community engagement sessions with users of the building and the surrounding neighborhood. The final design of the artwork will be created from input from these sessions. 
There are a total of five artist calls for distinct art needs and locations at the new Public Safety Center. You are invited to apply for as many as you are interested in and qualified for.   
This is a national call and request for qualifications. This project is open to any artist regardless of race, color, creed, gender, gender variance, national origin, age, religion, marital status, political opinion or affiliation, or mental or physical handicap. Artists may apply as a single artist or as a multi-person collaborative group. In the case of a group, please apply under one single application. Artists and teams working in the United States and who have experience implementing projects with a similar budget and scope are encouraged to apply.  
Artists age 18 or older may apply as an individual or a team 
Must be available for on-site visit to Reno  
Eligible applicants must reside in the United States 
The City of Reno is seeking artists for an interior public artwork to be installed in the two entry vestibules at the new Public Safety Center. The City is looking for projects that take into consideration the history of the site and the unique characteristics of the surrounding environment.  
The selection committee is looking for an art installation that is appropriate for placement at the public entrance of the public safety facility and for the diverse Reno community. The incorporation of lighted elements within the artwork is desired, but not required. The theme of the artwork does not need to be directly connected to public safety functions and imagery, or to Reno history. 
The installation will be placed in the public entryway and is subject to vandalism. Artwork should take into account the slanted walls of the vestibules and that the walls are within reach of passersby. The backing material is sheetrock so anything attached would need to be lightweight and of durable materials. Murals and 2D artwork elements my be best suited for this site. See below for site images. 
The goals for the project include: creating a unique character for a specific area of town, increasing public awareness of art, engaging with the community to create something that reflects the area, and broadening visitors’ perspectives of public spaces within the City. The artist(s) selected should have demonstrated experience working in public locations subject to vandalism and extreme weather.  
The RACC seeks artists with prior public art experience, specifically installation of indoor work. The $30,000 commission will cover all services from design through final installation/implementation, including artist fee, fabrication, insurance, transportation, travel fees, equipment, and installation. Final selection of one artist or team will be made by the PAC, RACC, and stakeholders and approved by Reno City Council based on qualifications and proposal. 
Selected artists/artist teams/design team will be expected to work with the community, City staff, and stakeholders to design the final artwork.  

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