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Hanging by a Thread Exhibit Call for Art

Website Left of Center Art Gallery

Call Summary

To many, the very existence of humanity, figuratively and literally, is hanging by a thread.

From the nightly news, the existential threats include our democracy, our health, our

ability to live on our planet.

Artists from all disciplines can creatively make the passionate plea to change the story

and change the culture to save our earth and humanity. We strive to collaborate and to

create a visceral and emotional experience that inspires the necessary adaptations in

human behavior and industry to save our future.

We are looking for artists to bring their skills, knowledge and experience as musicians,

dancers, directors, performers, actors, writers and visual artists together to

communicate the urgent necessity for transformational cultural change to address the

threats to our existence from climate crisis of our planet to the breakdown of our society.

Email for Submission Instructions.

Entry Deadline

Submission must be received by 11:13 pm on February 27, 2024. Submissions should

be emailed to All questions, before the deadline, should

be emailed with the subject line: Hanging By A Thread to

No entry fee.


Artwork focused upon your existential threat of choice:

Social Justice

Racial Issues

Women’s Issues

LGBTQ+ Issues

Health Issues (pandemic or other)

Mental Health Issues

Climate Crisis

or ????


April 3, – June 1, 2024For artists selected, the delivery deadline is March 27, 2024

To apply for this job email your details to