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Emerging Artists Exhibition and 1-year Online Gallery Registry for $15

Website Taurean Washington Studios

No more Starving Artists

Hello Artists,

My name is Taurean Washington. I am a visual artist myself, but I want to establish an arts hub for us to truly shine and shift the stigma of the starving artist. This exhibition is the entry point. I sent a call on CAFE arts about 2 years ago and it was a pilot with a lot of lessons learned.

In the span of 2 years, I have been able to take notes and come back and I think that the structure I have now will be beneficial for all parties.

When you pay for this call, you are not just paying for one call. You are paying for a year-long registration on the artist registry that we have.

From the registry, we will link your business website with your art to your personal website so our clients and customers will come straight to you, and you can handle the sales and gain more clientele.

Also, we have an app for you to join as well to get connected to a community to network with other artists and build clientele too. Our app URL is

It is compatible with iPhone and Android.

So basically, you get a return on your investment as an artist, and you are a part of a place that wants to see you grow and cultivate your career. We can’t wait to have you apart of this Emerging artist exhibit!

$15 has never been that well spent. I guarantee if you work with us, you can get that $35 worth of either sales, future opportunities, or clientele/connections at least in a year’s time.
Application Requirements
5-10 images jpeg no larger than 1MB each
Artist Statement
Website or Blog/Portfolio page with your work (no IG handles)
Eligibility Criteria
Any emerging artist in the United States can apply (emerging would be without major gallery representation but established artists will be considered as well)

To apply for this job please visit